Review of Autumn Festival of Art at Holy Spirit Retreat Center

Last weekend, October 19th and 20th the Autumn Festival of Art took place, a yearly event that I participate in at The Holy Spirit Retreat Center in Encino. CA.  The weather was beautiful and the ten acres of woodsy land, trees, paths, a pond, is a physical and spiritual surprise for anyone who has never been there.  This place is truly magic

Many artists and crafts people partake of the festival.  One particular thing I want to single out was the Native American Flute playing by the flute maker Jon Sherman of the San Diego area.  Besides art there was singing, dancing, wine tasting and wonderful food.Angel18.10 .17.13

I’m happy to report that I sold many items such as my angel jewelry, cards, prints and all our angel books (with writing partner and compiler, Angela Taylor), Angels of Protection / True Angel Stories in the Modern Age.

A portion of this money will benefit the wonderful Sisters of Social Service at the Holy Spirit Retreat Center.




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